Samsung S27A950 a monitor with 2D to 3D conversion technology


Samsung decided it was time to launch 3D monitors. So was born S27A950 model that blends the LED LCD and 3D technologies.

27 inch diagonal

Samsung S27A950 has a diagonal of 27 inches and a FullHD 3D resolution. Because the LCD LED technology, the contrast is incredible, making clear black and stunningly vivid colors in a response time of 2 ms and 120 Hz refresh rate. Its features make it perfect for high demand games, but also for playing video in HD format.

Exceptional design

The design that S27A950 comes with is surprising. The connection between the monitor and its support is made by one foot placed on the right side, so that the monitor seems to be made from one piece.

The monitor is extremely thin, and for the connectivity it can be used the support base, where you can find the necessary ports.

3D with 2D-3D conversion

The images displayed by the monitor are superb because of its technology. Thus, there will be no loss of image quality, as there is when is used the technology based on glasses with tinted lenses.

In addition, Samsung S27A950 is the first monitor that includes the technology of conversion 2D -> 3D. Can convert images and movies from 2D in 3D, in 10 steps, depending on each person’s preferences.

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