Scholastic releases Storia eBook store


What happens when a publisher decided to open up their own online store for eBooks? It simply means more competition for the market and potentially better deals as well. Scholastic is the publisher for a lot of titles amongst the famous ones are Goosebumps, Inkheart and many more. In fact, the company has thousands of books under its label and they are planning to sell the electronic version of the books through their own online bookstore called Storia.

Storia aims to be an interactive bookstore on which the parents have complete control over what their children are reading. The books are separated in a few ways which by age, grade as well as featured. These books are available even for babies until those of the age of 13 and above. Its eBooks are quite the same with any other eBooks in the market but its Enriched eBooks are the ones to look at. The Enriched eBooks have activities such as word search, puzzles, challenges and many more which makes it a more value added solution for parents.

Those that register now will be eligible for 5 free eBooks. However, the Storia application is needed to view these eBooks and it works quite the same as how the Kindle application works as well.

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