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During recent years we have observed the market over-flooded with new gadgets that are aimed to surface the alternative of cloud computing and Startup iTwin device is the latest in the series offering remote access to the users.

How it works

The device comes in two pieces and resembles like a USB device. Just power on your PC and plug in one piece on your PC and another on remote computer and enjoy highly encrypted and secure data sharing between two peers. You can share, watch, copy or even back up the data resides in your PC. But be sure that both computers are connected to internet and both pieces are plugged in and activated as well.

What’s exciting there!

Well, the Startup iTwin lets the users to access their files remotely over the net offering a whole new computing experience of powerful PC through the relatively less efficient mobile gadgets.  Actually, the device develops a personal cloud all around your PC’s hard disk through that you can access your data through remote computer following peer to peer networking technique.

Only you have to carry another piece with you for accessing this service. Currently, this device works with PCs only but soon you will see it compatible with Mac as well. Additionally, company has decided to release the version compatible with Apple’s iPad during first quarter of 2012 giving its users the power to access their PCs through tabs. The device is available at $99 in open market.

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  1. Akash Malik says:

    Here’s a semi-useful explanation in cartoon form:

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  2. TRT says:

    Very recently I bought iTwin Gadget and found it very interesting and impressing for cloud computing. I really like the device.

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