The New Five Fingered Mouse!


Look out all you standard touch pads and simplistic mice, there’s a new digital pointer in town; the Amenbo. Instead of wasting those extra digits that sit there idly while you browse about your computer, the Amenbo utilizes ALL give of our fingers, and even our palms, a chance to shine.

This high tech input device has a place for your palm to rest, and five little digital squares that you place each of your fingertips on. It measures the exact amount of pressure you are using with your fingertips and palms as well as detects the slightest movements.

With one hand you can completely control anything on your computer. Whether you want to work with digital animations, control robots, or just surf the web, Amenbo gives you incredibly advanced control options. The main purpose of this device is to help with interfacing and robotic hands, but the true applications are limitless.

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