Top 5 Features of the New Mac Mini


It can simply be said that the Mac Mini is the cheapest and fastest way a user can have a taste of what Apple can give to them. Although not as powerful as the iMac or the MacBook series, the Mac Mini is nonetheless a good product from Apple. The new Mac Mini comes with a lot of new features and like all the previous years, the prices are kept the same.

Thunderbolt Support

With Thunderbolt being one of the fastest ports today (speeds up to 10 Gbps), it allows for the support of new devices although not many are available at the moment.

Intel Dual Core i5 and i7 processors

Those that wish to use the i7 processor on the Mac Mini can expect to fork out at least $999. However, we think that the i5 processor will do much good as it can handle almost any tasks given to it.

Dedicated Graphic Card

Although not available on the $599 Mac Mini, users can take advantage of a dedicated AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphic card should they wish to fork an extra $200.

OS X Lion

The OS X Lion is currently Apple’s latest operating system for Mac computers. It has a lot of new features that looks incredibly good as well. All version of the Mac Mini comes with the Mac OS X Lion as the default operating system.

Cheaper Apple system

The Mac Mini comes without a monitor, a keyboard, mouse or any other peripherals. For some users, this is an advantage if they have all of these items already thus cutting costs.

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