USB thumb drives that fits with day to day activity


A lot of people tend to use their thumb drive on their day to day activities. This is particularly true for students as well as working people. Some manufacturers go to extra length to add new features to make thumb drives even better by incorporating other gadgets that people use every day. Here are some cool USB thumb drives that would fit anyone’s day to day activities

Swiss Flash USB Knife

At a price of $54.99 for the 2GB version and $69.99 and $99.99 for the 4GB and 8GB respectively, the Swiss Flash USB Knife is a bit far from cheap but wait till you see what other features that it comes with. It has a pocket knife, a nail filer, a small pair of scissors and a few other things which is very handy for almost all types of people.

USB 8GB Flash Drive Lighter

Most of the time, fire and electrical devices don’t mix with each other but the same does not apply to this USB 8GB Flash Drive Lighter. It comes with an 8GB storage which is suitable for daily usage. In addition to that, the lighter is refillable although it doesn’t come with lighter fluid as it first arrives. Definitely a handy piece of device to have.

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