W1PPS Cord Management Solution for MacBook Pro


One of the many things that irritate the computer user is the lack of cord management especially when it is apparent in a laptop that is meant to be placed on a desk for quite some time. In the case of MacBook Pro however, there lies a solution for that and the team behind Veritas Forge is responsible for that. Their W1PPS Cord Management Solution is a Kickstarter project which is definitely a must-look for MacBook Pro users.

W1PPS Cord Management Solution is an accessory which is meant to be placed on the side of the MacBook Pro. It is actually an adapter which fixes itself nicely to all of the MBP ports and is also connected to an external hub which will act as a place where all of the peripherals can be connected to. The good thing is about this is that you can place the hub away from sight such as below the desk. In addition to that, because everything is connected to the hub, you won’t have to reconnect all of your peripherals multiple times. You just need to pop in the adapter and everything is once again connected to your phone

As of date, the device made available on the Kickstarter page for only $98 for the first 300 customers. After that, it will cost $112 without tax. If you are a MBP user, you would definitely need to check out one of these. It definitely beats the hassle of having a cluttered working environment.

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