Why You Should Use LCD Screen Protectors On Your Devices


A LCD screen protector is one of the most useful accessories for your electronic items which come with a Liquid Crystal Display screen. The LCD screen protector is a very thin, transparent film that can be placed over an LCD screen. These are easily available in the market today and are also reasonably priced. But is it really necessary for you to use LCD protectors and why? Read on to find out….

While the earliest LCD screen protectors were just thin hand-cut films to fit a specific device, they would tear and damage easily and were not deemed suitable for all users. Now, screen protectors are made from far more durable material and give mostly permanent protection to the gadget. The film is extremely fine and cannot be easily spotted by the eye. But the minus here may be that it may turn out to be rather too sticky and so may leave an ugly residue on the screen if removed. Also, it gives no protection against UV rays and may make it more difficult to read in sunlight.

Of course, there are some non-adhesive LCD screen protectors too, that merely need to be placed in the gap between the screen and the device. This also comes with anti-glare coating, which makes it easier to handle. This type of LCD protector is often used even on huge HDTV screens. The only thing here is that it is much more expensive than the earlier, adhesive screen protectors.

The most popular LCD screen protector manufacturers include invisibleShield, Shield Skins, Best Skins Ever, BodyGuardz, NuShieldZAGG, Skinomi and so on.

LCD protectors for PDAs/touch phones

Of all consumer electronic devices with an LCD screen, the PDA is the most common one that employs the use of an LCD screen. Also, PDAs are usually operated with a stylus, which, if not used carefully, may end up scratching the delicate screen surface.

The latest LCD screen protectors for PDAs and touch phones are extremely thin in width, yet offer a high degree of protection for the device. Besides, many of them also offer UV and glare protection, which makes it much easier on the user’s eyes, especially while reading the screen in broad daylight.

Furthermore, some products come with silicone adhesive coating, which leaves no residue on the screen. Most of them are also washable and re-usable, so one does not need to go on changing the screen protector.

There are wonderfully designed screen protectors for all kinds of cell phones and smartphones, including the iPhone and the iPod Touch, that have shot to popularity in the market, of late.

LCD screen protector

LCD screen protectors for TVs and Digicams

The concept of using LCD protectors on TVs and cameras has become very popular today. Most of the recently available screen protectors offer anti-transmission-glare features and crystal clear display. So you can use these protectors on your camera and yet get to view the subject clearly, even in bright sunlight.

Most protective films are also scratch resistant, so you do not need to constantly worry about accidentally causing damage to your device, while using it. The screen installation is usually very simple and, if done carefully, is bubble-free too. Most LCD screen protectors available today come with a one-year guarantee and with a little care, can last a lot longer than that.

Nixon camera with screen protector

We spend a lot on our electronic items. Hence, it pays to make a small additional investment and keep them as damage-free as possible, by using LCD screen protectors on all our devices that come with a LCD screen. You have a lot of product options online. Go through them and choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Below is a video on how to stick on the LCD screen protector onto your Apple iPhone.

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