Windows 8 due to be released in Q4 2012 based on Fujitsu timeline


Fujitsu may not be a familiar name but that company does maintain its dominance in other parts of the world. Its laptops are enterprise class and can be considered to be highly capable as well. In addition to laptops, the company also has a few other devices that it manufactures although most of it surrounds PC electronics. Nevertheless, it is one highly reputable company that should be taken seriously.

That is why we have come to the next point. In a Fujitsu press conference held yesterday, the company reportedly showed a lot of information of its future products but apparently, that isn’t all that the company had revealed in its projected slide. In the timeline of portfolio highlights that will be released in the future, the company had also stated that in Q4 2012, Windows 8 will be launched.

Coming from a company like Fujitsu, it definitely would mean a lot and this information can be categorized as highly possible. The developer preview version of Windows 8 has already been around for quite some time already. Releasing it in Q4 2012 also seems like the right thing to do once all the kinks have been taken care of. With the Metro UI coming to life, much change is predicted as to how people will soon be using their PCs.

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