Windows 8 PCs Manufactured by AVADirect Available for Pre-order


The largest PC manufacturers i.e. AVADirect is now ready to take the Windows 8 PCs pre-orders. Until now, AVADirect has offered prebuilt machines running on Windows 7 and Linux operating systems. However, as Windows 8 is going to be launched on 26 October AVADirect is also offering Windows 8 platform in its Windows PCs.

Pre-order Windows 8 PCs Delivery

AVADirect has also notified that there might be a delay of 3-4 days in the delivery of the first batch of shipment of Windows 8 PCs. As all this depends on the number of Windows 8 copies, they will receive, so initially AVADirect is selling the Windows 8 copies and customers on the release date will not get the Windows 8 custom-built machine.

Release Date of Windows 8

Much news along with Microsoft’s announcement has confirmed that Windows 8 will be launched in the market on 26 October in the New York City. Already the preview versions for downloading on the gadgets are available online, and those who are waiting for the final versions will get it on Friday next week.

Microsoft has spent $1.5-$1.8 billion on marketing for Windows 8, which is quite large money. However, Windows 8 is a big product so its success is expected in the market and that would certainly pay off the Microsoft’s expenditure.

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