Windows 8 Released to Manufacturing OEM Partners


There were two preview versions of Windows 8 that were made available and these were the Developer and the Consumer preview version of the operating system. Since the first preview, a lot of things has changed and it is for good as well. People seem to welcome this upcoming operating system and hopefully, it will be just as successful as Windows 7 as well.

Good news for those that has been keeping track on Windows 8 because now, the operating system has already been made available to OEM partners already. This means that they can already incorporate the operating system in their devices and also make some drivers so that it will support the new operating system by Microsoft. Those that want to get their hands on the operating system still need to wait because there are still a few months till the official release of the operating system.

To be precise, we are talking about October 26, 2012 as this will be the date that Windows 8 will be made available to the world. It should be interesting considering that the operating system will be more towards touch-enabled devices as compared with standard screen devices. If Windows 8 turns out to be successful, then the future may just lie on touch-enabled devices.

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