Windows 8 RT to be $300 cheaper than Intel based


Windows 8 is set to be launched sometime this fall but there isn’t much that was released about the two main versions which are the normal and the RT. In particular, Microsoft was a bit quiet as to the pricing of the devices that will be released but Lenovo Senior VP, David Schmoock gave a bit of an insight to this question.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the Lenovo Senior VP mentioned that as compared with the Intel-based versions, Windows 8 RT tablets will be relatively cheaper. In fact, in some cases, it will be at least $300 cheaper. This makes much sense considering that the difference in price of today’s tablets and laptops are pretty much around that area and to put a smaller price difference would defeat the purpose of having two different devices.

In comparison with a Windows 8 tablet which would be sold at around $600 to $700, RT tablets would be $200 or $200 cheaper but would also face some limitations as compared with the full Windows 8 version. This means that RT version would be competing with the likes of the Apple iPad as well as various Android tablets that are present in the market.

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