Windows 8 scheduled to be released sometime on October 2012


Windows 8 Consumer Review was recently released so that people could get a hold of what the new operating system is all about. In fact, Microsoft stated that it is the company’s most successful product preview as of date with millions of downloads being done in its first week of being released. Nevertheless, the Consumer Preview won’t be there for long and once Windows 8 is released, the preview will stop working.

It is expected for the new operating system to be released some time in 2012 but the exact date on when it would be available were unclear. However, based on a report by Bloomberg, the company is expecting to launch the new operating system in October this year. In fact, there will be versions for both PCs and tablets which will definitely be something interesting to look at. Both Intel and ARM based processors will be released together with the operating system.

For those that are still unaware of what is happening, Windows 8 is the next operating system by Microsoft. It will feature a touch interface that will definitely revolutionize the way people do their daily computer activities too. Whether it is a hit or a miss, it is yet to be known but we hope it won’t turn to another Vista.

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