Windows 8 to bring new breed of devices


The next best thing that a lot of people might look forward to is Windows 8 which is the next generation operating system by Microsoft. For some, Windows 8 might be a miss but it seems that the upcoming operating system isn’t shy of getting some fans as well. This is because it looks better as compared with its predecessors and has features that most operating system doesn’t have yet.

Another thing that might make Windows 8 unique is its optimization for touchscreen devices. We aren’t talking about tablets or anything but computers with touchscreen instead. That is why Windows 8 has created or revived the tablet computers and chances are, these are looking better than what it was before. The new tablets will have a sleeker look and a thinner profile due to the extent of the technological improvements that we have today.

In fact, in one of the tablets that is set to have Windows 8, it was said that it can offer up to 18 hours’ worth of battery life and this is something that most tablets could not even go to previously. We can’t possibly say that Windows 8 is still in its infancy but right now it is definitely looking good.

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