Windows 8 Updates on Computex


One of the biggest computer events that is held annually is the Computex and 2012 is definitely an interesting year. The event that is being held in Taipei had a few interesting gadgets and devices being announced and it seems that Microsoft is gaining most of the spotlight this year. This is because the company is already showing some of the devices that will incorporate their next operating system which is the Windows 8.

One of the devices that was being shown was a Windows RT which is being run on an ARM-based Snapdragon S4 processor. As far as the performance is concerned, people are quite happy with it especially with its 1.5GHz dual-core processor. In addition to that, a quad-core variant will also be made available and thus more power on the latter. During the hands-on, people reported integration between the Lumia 900 and the Windows RT tablet which is another interesting thing to know.

In addition to the Snapdragon S4 tablet, Intel is also reporting that there are more than 20 tablets that will be powered by Intel made CPUs that are in the works. With this being said and done, Windows 8 might just be the next best thing for mobile computing.

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