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Those that have a HTPC running through XBMC can definitely rejoice as the XBMC Eden is now officially out of beta and is available for download from its website. The XBMC Eden is the eleventh version of the media center application on which is commonly used amongst HTPC users. Eden was also first made into beta release in last December although the final version has just been released recently.

There are a lot of improvements being made to XBMC Eden as compared with the previous versions. Amongst them are Addon Rollbacks, improvements in the default XBMC skin, speed increase, Dirty-region rendering and many more. In fact, a lot of improvements have been done so that almost all media formats are supported by XBMC in addition to compatibility with various mobile platforms as well.

XBMC also had many improvements when it comes to synchronizing with other devices and this includes (but not limited to) Apple TV2, iPad, iPhone, Android and many more. In addition to that, the development team had also come out with XBMCbuntu which is a Linux client that boots automatically to XBMC. In fact, users can choose not to even see the operating system should they don’t want to do so.

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