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High definition is all the rage right now. From televisions to computer monitors, everything needs to be in high definition. Even the latest smartphones feature HD screens and cameras, so how do you get these images on paper? New technology has come to the rescue to liberate users from the need to print high definitions on low definition printers, giving consumers the ability to enjoy the photos and images they have.

To help you learn more about the options are available, you will read about 5 innovative high definition printers that will get the job done at home or at the office.

Epson Stylus RX580

1. Epson Stylus RX580 [From $160]

The Epson Stylus RX580 all in one printer is an ultra high definition printer that uses Epson’s patented Claria ink technology and a specially designed print head to produce the fastest high definition printouts that last longer than prints made at the photo lab. The printer features built-in functions that correct pictures for skin color and lighting to deliver outstanding prints. Called DX5 technology, the print heads Epson user for the RX580 printer uses a variety of ink drop sizes to generate impressive resolutions that are virtually grain free. This printer can even print on printable CD and DVD recordable disks, giving you the freedom from labels that you deserve.

Epson Stylus Photo R380

2. Epson Stylus Photo R380 [From $149]

If you are looking for the ultimate in high definition printing combined with computer-free printing options, look no further than this great product from Epson. A built-in slideshow feature lets you view pictures without even turning on a computer. You can even perform basic editing operations right there on the printer, using its color LCD display and built-in controls. Epson’s special view by date capability helps you sort through large storage cards so you can find the photos you just took today with ease. With this printer you can even save your photos to an external CD or flash drive or print directly from other devices by installing an optional Bluetooth adapter.Epson Artisan 8103. Epson Artisan 810 All-in-One [From $195]

Many users are surprised that the prints from this high definition printer can surpass those from photo labs in quality and clarity. A 7.8” touch panel includes an LCD display that allows you to easily view and edit your photos onboard the printer. A unique system lights up only the buttons you need depending on the mode you are in, making the job of processing your photos an easy and intuitive one. Connecting your Artisan 810 to your network is an easy job using its wired Ethernet port or built-in Wi-Fi adapter. The Artisan 810 scans in high definition and comes with OCR software. Other features such as a document feeder and direct printing from iPhone make this printer a great choice.Epson Artisan 7104. Epson Artisan 710 All-in-One [From $99]

Partner to the Artisan 810, the 710 has most of the same outstanding features, only at a lower price. Some of the differences are that it has a standard resolution scanner (2400 dpi rather than 4800 dpi), a smaller LCD screen (2.5” rather than 3.5”) and fewer onboard controls. Also, the Artisan 710 comes without fax support, OCR software, and document feeder. You still get the convenience of one touch copy services and – of course – the best high definition prints you can find.Canon Pixma MG81205. Canon Pixma MG8120 [$209]

The Canon Pixma MG8120 offers you an amazing movie print feature that works with high definition movies taken with compatible Canon cameras to print single frames from your favorite memories. For ease of use, the Canon Intelligent Touch system uses a unique lighted button system to help you select only buttons that are relevant to your work at any particular time. Other features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, standalone editing and Canon’s proprietary Photo Fix II technology make this a very attractive printer that will get you professional quality prints that will last for years. This amazing printer has auto-duplex feature to print on both sides of your paper plus a built-in film adapter unit for digitizing slides and film negatives.

Choose one of these 5 innovative high definition printers to get your HD photos in your hands and in your picture frames today.

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