A Smartwatch from Casio is on Anvil but in 2016


Casio LogoCasio is the brand to reckon with in watch market, and while this dedicated watch company did diversify into other products such as calculators. It remained as a leader that was predominantly recognized for its excellence in watches. Recently, its territory has been encroached with smartwatches from Apple and Samsung. Not to be outdone, the company plans to launch its smartwatch soon enough.

Previous attempts at expanding watches

Casio did try to improve the function of conventional wristwatch by adding features like heart rate monitoring system, and remote control system. But technologies that will need some of such sophistication are yet to arrive. Therefore, these products did not take off. The company is not going overboard with the new version gadgetas well but is hoping that it will provide the launching pad for further developments.

Why Smartwatch?

For starters, it is Casio’s market share that is taking the beating, and it has to come up with something in defense. The company is planning to keep it simple, rather than fill these tiny gadgets with several functions that are not used or hard to use. But like other smartwatches, this watch too will have its OS. Casio is also targeting the market that is at lower end of Apple’s smartwatch market. Therefore, the price can be expected to be around $400, which does not sound cheap for a watch. But Casio delivers style with reliability, and this time it is a product for outdoors that is on its mind. Tentative date of launch is estimated as March 2016.


One thing is for sure the present formats of smartwatches are going nowhere. They can’t be used extensively as computing devices unless the way they are worn is changed. Casio joining the bandwagon is hardly going to help unless this watch company can come up with a wearable product that combines smartphones with larger screens, remotes, watches, heart rate monitors, etc. Effectively, the product launch will be a non-event since curiosity about smartwatches is already waning and drawbacks are understood.

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