Amazon Launches Fire TV Stick to Stake Claim in Market Share of New Category of Devices


Fire TV StickAmazon is stepping in the arena that has already been explored by Chromecast and will soon be explored by Apple TV. It is launching Fire TV stick. So what is Amazon Fire TV stick? It is something that will give gadgets users an access to different contents, such as movies, games, television programs, etc. In order to access such content, the user would have to plug the device into the HDMI port of the TV set.  The device would cost about $39.


At the heart of this device would be the unavoidable dual-core processor. Other usual specifications such as IGB RAM and storage of 8GB are foregone conclusions. Even Wi-Fi does not raise an eyebrow these days. A remote is provided with the device for changing functions or channels, but people may use their smartphone instead. It is also possible to control voice with the appropriate application. The processing power is 50 percent more than when compared to what was offered by Google in Chromecast. Even the storage memory in this device is twice that in Chromecast.

Accessing Content on Amazon Prime

The device would give access to content on Amazon Prime. But it will also enable users to access shows using third party’s applications like Pandora and Netflix. Effectively, users get access to more content using this device, unlike on Chromecast and Apple TV. One of the unique features is the Fling technology which allows users to switch content on or to Fire Tablet, TV or Phone. Wireless mirroring is possible from any of the Amazon products as well as those products which support Miracast. The X-Ray feature allows people to check on any movie, music, or TV show related information. Synchronizing of content is possible with Whspersync feature in the device. Playing back content for iOS, and other android devices is possible with this device.

Basically, this device come under the category of set-top boxes, but much cheaper than Apple TV which is sold for $99 as of now. Amazon’s focus seems to be making content portable, whereas Apple seems to be devoting its energies in developing products for gaming. For now, though, Amazon’s gadget appears to be superior to similar products available in the market. The strategy of offering the device at $19 to early birds would virtually wipe out competitors this festive season.

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