Apple TV: Apple will integrate it on Next-Gen iMacs


Apple TV is one of the most anticipated gadgets that have missed their expected launching dates but recently reports unveiled that the company is planning to inbuilt TV functionality into its next gen device- iMac Computers.

Apple’s Plans

What the company is planning to convert its popular Mac desktops into the bridge between desktop and television. Market experts are expecting the iMacs to function as a television as well based on iCloud platform. iMacs are expected to launch in mid 2012. Before some time, Steve Jobs revealed in an interview that it will be the simplest UI that have ever been imagined.

What Figures Says

However, Apple was quite excited while releasing its first Apple TV but unfortunately this attempt couldn’t capture enough market attention. Even, the small version was also not so successful.

Apple declared in last year (2010) that it will sell at least one million TV gadgets in 2011 but till the month of December, company hasn’t released its sales figures. It reveals more than enough.

Well, we hope that Apple TV integrated with iMac Desktop will prove a milestone.

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