Apple Will Launch Earpods with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Sensors


Apple EarpodsMedical emergencies come without invitation or announcements. If only there was some way to predict them and take appropriate measures, the world would be much safer and happier place. Apparently, Apple has realized the potential and come up with Healthbook application, as well as iWatch for it. The latest to join this bandwagon is Apple Earpod.


Although not much is known about Apple Earpod as yet, people expect it to have the iOS 8, which will be introduced to gadgets world at the upcoming WWDC. Presence of iBeacon in this device is almost foregone conclusion because these are small devices, and they need to be located fast.


These earpods are as the name suggests a pair of tiny devices for inserting in ears. It would measure blood pressure, and also keep track of heart rate. The device is expected to keep track of oxygen levels and pulse rate, as well. Effectively, it is perfect for people who exercise or undertake strenuous activity.

Interesting though it may seem, it is still difficult to understand why Apple thinks blocking one of the crucial senses, i.e., sense of hearing would be worthwhile for health monitoring. In many countries such as India, people depend upon honking of vehicles all around for remembering they are on the road, and at such times, presence of earpods may not be advisable, especially since laws are against talking on mobiles while in traffic, irrespective of whether the person is using blue tooth or other wired sets. At the best, it would only be looked at as health monitoring at the cost of accidents.

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