Apple’s foray into TV service may come true this September


Apple TVWall Street Journal recently disclosed that Apple is negotiating with TV programmers. The implications are that the Cupertino based gadgets giant may introduce its much awaited TV service in September 2015. For starters, the service may consist of 25 channels.

Subscription TV

Apple TV would of course be subscription channel. The company wants the television programmers to offer web-based services. The 25 popular channels would include Fox, CBS, and ABC. All Apple devices using iOS system would gain access to these channels if the deal is inked.

Competitors and pricing

Apple is not the only one in this market. Dish is already here with Sling TV, and Sony too has a service that will soon be launched. It is expected that Apple would announce this Internet based television services sometime in June this year. As of now, Dish charges $20 for 12 channels, which include CNN, ESPN, Disney Channel, TNT, and HGTV. Market is expecting Apple to charge anywhere between $30 and $40 for the channels it intends to broadcast on its OS. For now, Apple does have a deal on its hand. This streaming deal is with HBO now. Apple device owners would be entitled to stream the programs of this channel for subscription of $15.


The news is good for Apple shareholders, but not so good for gadgets owners since $40 per month can be difficult to spare. However, most of the television program producers will take the Internet route, forcing the market towards higher subscriptions. This means, the market would have little or no choice in not so distant future to pay for streaming of such channels through Internet. In so far as Apple is concerned, however, there would be rights related issues that would need more clear definition.

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