Assistance for 23000 golf course in a Garmin Approach S3


A lot of people are a fan of golfing and if you are one of those many people, then we might have a gadget that you will certainly be delightful of. The said gadget is no other than the Garmin Approach S3 watch. What is unique about it is that not only is the Garmin Approach S3 look good but it also gives you information to not just a few golf courses but 23,000 of them from places all around the world.

It is actually a GPS enabled watch with a touchscreen for easy access to all of the information that is available inside it. Some of the information that the watch can provide includes layup distances, green overviews and a lot more handy things. However, for those that hope to seek advice from the watch might not be getting a lot from this watch because it certainly will not do so.

This handy device is yours for a whopping $350 but for those that are often finding themselves in places that they have never played before, it is definitely a handy investment. However, we find that the 8 hour battery life to be quite a disappointment especially for a watch.

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