Asus’ Zenwatch to be the Latest Entrant in Android Wear Smartwatch Segment


Asus Zen WatchChinese electronics giant, Asus is now entering the arena of Android Wear Smartwatch segment with Asus Zenwatch. This is the first time such wearable devices are being introduced by the Company. Asus announced the launch of this smartwatch at 2014 IFA.

External Features

The case of the watch is made from stainless steel. The wristband is made from leather. The glass on the watch’s face is curved giving it a luxury look.  It is capable of “smart” functions such as letting the user see any messages, notifications, information about incoming calls, etc. The feature that makes this smartwatch unique is its “wellness manager,” which estimates relaxation levels. According to Asus, this is done with the help of “biosensor”.  Asus Zenwatch can measure exertion intensity, heart beat rate, number of steps taken, calories burnt, etc, making it more of a fitness gadget.


It is compatible with all the smartphones that run on Android 4.3 or subsequent versions of Android. It is also possible to integrate the features offered by Asus’ ZenUI apps if this smart watch is integrated with any Asus smartphone.  ZenUI apps generate reminders from list of things to do. Likewise, they can also list the schedule so that people know what they need to be prepared for or where they need to go by what time. In addition to these, there is the Remote Camera in Asus’ ZenWatch, giving access to the viewfinder on the integrated smartphone. The system can also work in reverse, and it is possible to configure this watch’s face.  There is an application for that also.

Asus plans to sell the smartwatch in Europe for 199 euros. This seems slightly on the higher side considering the limited functionality of the device, and availability of other fitness devices for much lower price. Nevertheless, the device has a promising future because of the unique combination of features.

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