Brookstone fuel cell charger charges iPhone 15 times before depletes


Imagine a USB charger which would make your phone be charged for roughly about 15 times before it runs out of current. Well that will soon be made possible through a fuel cell charger that is made by Lilliputian Systems. This is certainly a technological breakthrough because the power that it possess is sufficient for it to charge a phone for up to 14 times.

The fuel cell concept is certainly interesting and the Brookstone fuel cell charger will be powered by lighter fluid. In fact, once you ran of charges, all you need to do is to add more lighter fluid (or methane if you will) to the charger and you are good to go for another 14 charges. This is certainly handy especially if you misplaced your charger or you simply want to go travel for a long period of time and would not have a power port to charge your device. However, with it being powered with a flammable liquid such as methane, you would probably have to remove the liquid before boarding the airplane.

The price of it is yet to be announced although it will soon be made available by the end of the year. However, it was said that the refill cartridge will be very cheap.

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