Charge using USB in wall power socket with U-Socket USB Wallplug


A lot of devices today require a USB port to charge it on and some examples are the iPhone, Blackberry, a few HTC phones and a lot more. Have you ever imagine the simplicity of just plugging in a USB cable to a power socket on the wall? Or have you imagined a dedicated USB port on the power socket for the sole purpose of charging the mobile devices? If you have, then we got the answer for you and that is with the U-Socket USB Wallplug!

At a price of $24.99 for each wallplug, the U-Socket USB Wallplug has two USB ports and two power sockets. However, right now these ports are available only to the US and Canada simply because it uses the US standard 110V instead of 220V which is more common in other countries.

One of the advantages of this wallplug is that there will be no need of using an extension socket to charge the phone because there is already a dedicated USB port. The other is that it helps whenever you lost the cradle and have to rely on your computer to charge it. In addition to that, it also sports a 2.1Amps for each connector meaning that you would have the fast charge capability for your devices as well, much like a normal cradle.

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