Cool geek t-shirts that will blow your mind


Who said geeks can’t wear cool t-shirts? In fact, we bet that geek t-shirts will beat any other type of t-shirts in any day. Don’t believe it? Check these t-shirts out!

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

This t-shirt comes with a mini-amp and a touch sensitive surface and what can you do with it? Play guitar! The neck has different types of major chords on it so you just need to choose any chord and strum it. It also comes with a magnetic pick which is suffice to say, awesome! The price? Only $29.99.

Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man Shirt

A huge fan of Iron Man? So are we and that is why we highly recommend that you get the Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man shirt. At $29.99, it isn’t really that expensive. All electronic equipment can be safely removed. Be warned though, even though you buy this shirt, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a reactor inside you. Let’s just leave that feature with Tony Stark himself.

T-Qualizer Shirt

At $39.99, it is a bit steep for some but it is definitely a cool t-shirt to have. Turn this on and the equalizer will animate with the sound of any music. It would definitely make you the center of attention in a party of a concert. Don’t believe us? Try it by yourself!

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