Crafting 3D objects with Roland iModela 3D milling machine


There are just a lot of things that could be made as a hobby. Some prefer drawing, while others like to carve. However, not many would have the hobby of creating 3D objects by the process of milling. If you’re one of those people, or just one that is looking for a new creative hobby, then we might just have the right thing to show you.

Roland is a company which specializes in imaging products such as inkjet printers, vinyl cutters and such. In addition to these devices, the company also creates something unique for hobbyists: a digital hobby milling machine which allows users to create 3D objects. These objects are made possible through the use of modelling wax, foam, balsa wood and many more and it uses the milling technique to create these objects. To create these 3D objects, Roland is also bundling its iModela Creator application which allows the customer to design 3D objects.

The iModela comes at a price of only $899 which can be considered quite affordable for a milling machine. However, the milling area is only limited to 3.39 inches wide and 2.17 inches in length so it is a great machine to create miniature objects. In fact, it also comes with its own portable carrying case.

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