CRP Racing comes with electric streetbike


There are already electric sedan cars and sport cars but the street has yet to have a good looking electric streetbike. However, that is all about to change with the Energica streetbike that will soon be released by CRP Racing.

The Energica is still under prototype but was released for showcase at the Italy EICMA motorcycle show. It definitely looks as good as any other bikes by CRP Racing and best of all, it may be one of the first few electric streetbike on the planet. .

Energica comes with a 100kW power which makes it possible to go up to 220km/h thanks to the 16kgm of torque. In addition to that, users can expect to go up to 150km with a single charge. This may not be a lot to those that do a lot of long distance travelling by using streetbikes. However, Energica does look futuristic with its LCD dashboard and the headlights which uses LED instead of the usual bulb lights found in most streetbikes.

The price of Energica by CRP Racing is at a deposit of $2100 but there is no further information on its pricing. Expect it to be at a range comparable with the Ducati and such.

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