Desk Genie – Desk Stand [REVIEW]


Desk Genie

Desk Genie is a desktop stand which can hold almost every smartphone vertically and horizontally. It is a non-slipping stand and provides a good grip to smartphones or other similar gadgets.

You can use this stand for holding your smartphone and you can enjoy watching movies on your phone for hours. Desk Genie comes with a lot of connectors and it can charge almost any phone. It has got a couple of USB 2.0 ports and it can read almost any type of memory card.

Desktop Charger iPhone

So being a 3-in-one (desktop stand, universal charger and card reader), Desk Genie is really an amazing accessory which one must buy. Desktop chargers have always been preferred by geeks, but this one is different and is seriously recommended for people who don’t get time to get off from the work as they can charge their phone while working.

If you’re planning to buy a stand for your iPhone 4, check this out – iPhone 4 Stand.

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