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LOMO which came from formerly Leningrad is quite a famous way of taking photographs today even though it incorporates the analog way of taking photograph which is through film instead of digital. Nonetheless, it is garnering a lot of fans as some find it a lot challenging and unpredictable as compared with a digital camera. There are a lot of LOMO cameras today which has a wide range of prices and choices to choose from.

Lubitel 166+

The Lubitel 166+ Universal is a continuation of the old Lubitel 166 series TLRs. The design still retains the old vintage look although it is made brand new by the company. Using a Lubitel can be quite an interesting experience but be ready to spend at least $300 for one of these.

Diana Deluxe Kit

Many LOMO users would be aware of Diana, a highly versatile LOMO camera that can be considered inexpensive if bought on its own. The Diana Deluxe Kit on the other hand features a lot of lenses such as wide-angle lens, fisheye, telephoto and a lot more. At $250 for a kit, it is anything but expensive.

The thing about LOMOgraphy as they call it is that it can be quite fun especially if you’re using any of the new cameras. It looks great and will definitely put you at a different league as others, the cool league that is.

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