Gadget-charging T-shirt – An innovative gadget from Orange


One of the latest innovations in the field of SmartPhone has been revealed by Mobile network Orange. Orange has revealed its latest innovative smart T-shirt which can be used to charge your SmartPhone using the power of sound. The T-Shirt is not of those trendy looks and styles; and functions like a gadget. It has a large white patch which is fixed for the purpose of capturing the vibrations caused by sounds and then converting those vibrations into electrical energy. This electrical energy is used to charge a mobile phone.

How it works

This T-shirt works with a piezoelectric film. This is not the first attempt by Orange to allow the users to get something extra from their gadgets; the company also presented a Wellington boot which was used to produce energy. The boot was used to supply power to different portable devices by the conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy.

Charge any gadget

The T-shirt is used to charge the SmartPhone. The cell can be charged without any direct power source. One of the interesting things of this device is that it would be useful in case of the festive season when large amount of noise is given for granted.


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