Google Tries its Hands with Android Smartwatch


Android SmartwatchGoogle is the latest entrant in Android smartwatch market. The search engine giant is planning to develop and present Android wear, which would offer several features facilitated by Google’s OS that is developed for such watches. So OS enables these gadgets to provide a lot of information with just a glance.

Development of Android Wear

Google has merely announced its plans as of now and is negotiating about the development and launch with chip makers Mediatek, Intel, Qualcom,, and Broadcom. It is also negotiating with device manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Asus, Motorola, and LG but the device may well come from Google eventually. 

LG has plans to introduce an Android wrist watch in the near future. Motorola is also planning to launch such wearables. The implications are that Google’s android smartwatches should be at least as good if not better. Samsung recently announced its wristwatch with Tizen OS instead of Android.

While there is a craze for smartwatches as of now, they do not seem to be convenient for most of the functions. Device makers may have to think out of box for coming up with something that wearable as well as functional. If the wristables are not functional market is bound to be disappointed.


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