Images Leaked: Android Based Television Controller – Motorola Corvair


Motorola has been developing cable boxes which run on Android OS and it seems that Motorola is about to launch Corvair- a mobile tablet cross breed gadget.

What is it?

Actually, the leaked images reveals it like a 6” tablet based on Android 2.3 OS and it is referred as a “Dedicated Controller”. According to rumors, this gadget will display and control the user interface on television. It may be used as a remote controller to control the cable boxes from Motorola. And all it will happen wirelessly. It is said that this device is in testing phase with different cable companies.

Expected Specs

However, the specs has not been revealed but the design of Corvair dictates as it is optimized to keep the cost low; therefore we can’t expect high end specs. The image also shows some OS written on the upper left corner; so, there may be some customized version of Android OS. Moreover, IR controls as well as RF4CE are also there; RF4CE is also a protocol which controls RF. High capacity battery of 4,000 mAH is an additional plus.

For sure, this concept is quite intrigue and since, today cable industry is not hesitating to trying something new; it may prove a big hit.

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  1. IT Rush says:

    Very interesting. I really thought it was just another new tablet from motorola.. can’t wait to see how it works. Keep us posted.

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