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You may be asking yourself ‘Why on earth is there a fridge amongst a list of cool new gadgets?’ Well, that’s because this is not just any fridge. This fridge is a unique and innovative combination of a stylish cooling unit and a powerful Linux based touch screen computer. This smart appliance, designed by Electrolux over in Brazil, is equipped with a 400MHz Freescale i.MX25 processor, 128MP ram, and a large 480×800 touch panel that allows the consumer to have complete control over all of the fridge features.

The control panel on the front serves as your gateway to access a variety of numerous applications. The user has access to a calendar, notepad, contact storage, photos, tips, and even recipes. Long gone are the good old days of post-it notes and wall calendars, now you can cook in style and be kept up to date on everything! Now women never have to leave the kitchen! (Sexist joke intended)

So how necessary is this Linux capable fridge? Extremely! Who wouldn’t want an excessive amount of features available straight from your refrigerator?!  Only downside is the price tag this device must carry.

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