Introducing ZionEyes Video Streaming and Recording Eyeglasses


This is indeed the craziest and best time for gadget freaks to lay their hands on the most unique, funkiest toys in town. The latest and coolest device to enter the market this week is ZionEyes, a pair of embedded-camera eyeglasses, called Eyez. This device contains a small camera situated to the left of pretty much normal-looking eyeglass lenses, along with support for Bluetooth and WiFi module, which is embedded in the ear piece located just next to it.

The tiny camcorder is almost invisible to those not in the know and there is no chance of someone knowing that they are being captured by a 720p video recorder. This tiny device also has a mono audio capture. Of course, this is definitely not the first spy camera, but it most definitely is the very first eyeglass camera of its kind. Once you record video, the future version of the product will enable you to stream the same in real-time, across the entire Web. The Eyez can be charged by means of using a USB cable to connect to your PC.

While all this is great, there is always this niggling issue of infringement of a person’s privacy – taking their video without their knowledge is not all that great a thing to do, after all! In any case, Eyez users will solely be responsible for the consequences of their acts. So be sure to know the law of the land before using this device.

The prototype which is available right now is a bit raw and needs tweaking, both as regards the audio and video quality. But we think that the final product that is slated to arrive soon will be polished up nicely. ZionEyes has not yet announced an official release date, but we do know that this comes at a cost of $199.

Check out pictures of the Eyez and know that the final version is bound to be much better looking than the present one. Well, we already give a thumbs-up for the current design. What do you think of this idea?

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