Lady Blanche


If you think regular iPhones are expensive then your jaw will drop at these figures. The new white iPhone costs the same amount as the black one ($399-$699), but if you want a bit more bling on your phone then you can purchase the Lady Blanche. Designed by Gresso, the Lady Blanche is a gorgeous white iPhone that would please any woman. Unfortunately it costs about $30,000.

With only about 150 of these made, the Lady Blanche is a normal iPhone with an ‘iced’ exterior. The backside is equipped with three Swiss clocks with pearl dials. Each clock tells the time in a different part of the world. Also, there are 3 different little displays on the back, each holding diamonds that glitter like fire.

Unfortunately many of you may think that $30k for a phone is a bit out of your price range, thankfully they offered a much more reasonable solution: Swarovski crystal replacing the diamonds. The crystal drops the price down to only $7k and makes this a much more reasonable investment.

Rather than buying a car, you can impress your lady friend with this glittery combination of jewelry and technology!

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