Leaked Image of Samsung Galaxy Gear


It had quite attracted too many when the Galaxy Gear’s image got leaked online. However, it is just the prototype and not the final device itself. With the smartwatches being appreciated, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear too has attracted audience even before it is launched.


The specs of the gadget are rumored to be a 4 megapixel rear camera on its strap, Bluetooth, NFC, AMOLED display, 1.5 GHz dual core Exynos chip and Wi-Fi connectivity. The leaked image does not seem to fit in these specs and looks bumpy. Clearly Galaxy Gear also looks square-ish and does look too big for a comfy wear. The smartwatch will have some pre-installed health app and Samsung’s Voice Utility.

A Prototype

Christina Farr from Venture Beat has pointed out the leaked image is a prototype and there is a big possibility of the final product having a lot of difference. However the new image offers some comforting news that the leaked picture is of a prototype while the Samsung Galaxy Gear is actually finished almost. Also, it gives more info that the Galaxy Gear has Android 4.3, full screen notifications, and the disappointing news is that the battery stands only up to 10 hours when used regularly.

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