Leaked Images of Motorola’s Moto 360 2 Spotted


Moto 360 2The new Moto 360, or what the gadgets world has named as Moto 360 2 would resemble its predecessor externally, but will have a few tweaks.

What Changes are Expected?

It’s hard to decide what will be internal changes in this Motorola smartwatch. But one thing seems to be certain. The new Moto 360 would have the same circular appearance as its predecessor. It may be recalled that Motorola 360 resembles a small flat tire.


Internal specifications can only be known later, but externally, Motorola seems to have changed the position of wake button on the watch. It may be recalled that this button used is at 3 “o” clock in Moto 360. Lugs in this smartwatch may also be more prominent if those images are indeed those of Moto 360 2.


Motorola has not confirmed or denied any of the rumors. But the market has almost concluded based on leaks that the new Mot 360 would not be very different from the previous smartwatch, except for a few minor changes.

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