Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Flip: Tablet that brings Windows 8


Windows 8 will soon be released but the developer preview version of it is already available to be downloaded for free. The new operating system is geared towards the use of tablet and in CES 2012, there is already one that is promoting this particular operating system instead of the favoured Android. Lenovo, which has already come up with a lot of new and great devices, have another one up its sleeve and it is called the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Flip. Quite a funky name for an excellent device.

The IdeaPad Yoga Flip is a tablet-cum-laptop which uses the future version of Windows which is the Windows 8. It uses 13.3-inch multi-touch IPS screen and is only 17mm thick. Its weight on the other hand lays at roughly 3.1lbs which puts it at the ultrabook  In addition to that, it uses the Ivy Bridge Intel processors to power the operating system. It also has an 8GB RAM and has a 256GB storage space. With all of this inside the Yoga Flip, it means that this particular device has a good performance as well.

The price of this tablet is yet to be announced and it might be released only when the operating system is finalized in up for selling. Until then, expect this device to be one of the first few devices that uses Windows 8.

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    computers available.The Core i5 it’s powerful enough for that tasks I perform (Web, Excel, Word, some Photoshop). The SSD for “instant on” works as magic.

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