LG Lifeband Touch Leaked by @evLeaks


LG Lifeband TouchProlific leaker @evleaks reports one more leak for the device-LG Lifband Touch that is likely to make its appearance in the incoming CES. However, thanks to @evleaks that gadget lovers have seen the photos of this LG fitness band ahead of Consumer Electronic Show.

LG’s Lifeband Touch

Throughout the year, LG has been saying that they are planning to launch a smartwatch, but LG fitness band is something closer to a smartwatch and is a wearable product. Although LG has not confirmed the rumor but is neither denying it also. Users can easily get confused with Lifeband Touch as this tech product is alike to the Nike Fuelband in looks.

Presumed Features

The looks are saying that the display surface will be made up of some kind of glossy material. The other features presumed are distance run, step counting, calories burnt and there might be a possibility of a heart rate monitor also. There could be a synchronization feature also for getting connected to the smartphones so that the calories burnt can be easily track off.

However, it has not been disclosed if the device will synchronize with the other android devices or will work only with the LG smartphones. To know more about the device just wait for some time as the CES 2014 is coming very soon!

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