Listening To Music Underwater – Now It’s Possible


For some people, one of the most stressful things when they swim in a pool or the sea is that they cannot enjoy the music other people are listening. And just for these people, there are adapted devices used only by the Navy before the U.S. Olympic synchronized swimming team or marine biologists, creating the first publicly available underwater speakers.

Without music, there are sports and nothing more (the chance of an exciting loosening when jogging for example, a collision that can thus be actually improved a lot). With the waterproof iPod people would rather exercise in the pool than on the running track.

Although the water-resistant headband looks more like a medical auxiliary device for the gentle application of prominent ears, no one will see it under the water.

The spiral cord prevents braking, and in conjunction with a clear view of the underwater housing of the Swimbuds, the system is supplied to a depth of 10 meters and it comes with a free Swimbuds Waterproof Audio Extension Cord.

The waterproof headphones cost just $30, who wants not only acoustic, but to even really dive with them can try this set of headphones, and the special waterproof iPod with a deep warranty against manufacture’s defects, so that however attracts probably the more dangerous wrath of your dive buddies. the Waterproof iPod Shuffle costs $149. With them, running in the rain or swimming fo a few hours in the sea, seems much easier, also having 2GB of space for lots of your favorite tracks and can be controlled with just one click. The iPod can be selectively attached to the upper arm, hip or even worn around the head. In addition to the loud noise of the water that is produced when swimming, these gadgets come fully equipped so that you cannot hear nothing but the song.

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