Looxcie Hands-free Video Camera


The second generation of the Looxcie ear-mounted head cam is smaller and sleeker than it’s predecessor. It is compatible with iPhone and the iPad as well as Android-based tablets and smartphones. The video camera can capture 480p at 30 fps (4000 kbps) for either 5 hours or 10 hours of recording time. It also functions as a bluetooth headset with 6 hours of talk time. Being hands-free while recording video can be quite appealing, especially if you plan to be multitasking. But a few pitfalls of the device would be image stabilization. Even if you take high-resolution videos, the end result of the video will be as shaky as your own head. But perhaps, that’s no better than having shaky hands.

If anything, the size and hands-free nature of this video camera is awesome. Some people might not even realize it’s a camera, and think it’s just a large phone headset. But it’s not necessarily covert by any means.

What do you think? With the Looxcie 2 Wearable Video Camera be the next wave after the death of the flip phone? Is it better than taking videos with your iPhone by holding it up with your hands (blah!!). Let us know at newgadget.org!

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