Microsoft Planning to Launch Surface Accessories-Dock this Fall


Dock details out on leaks and the Microsoft Surface Pro still on ‘coming soon’ status. While the Microsoft Surface Pro is still on “coming soon” status, there are some more leaks regarding it. For the third day in a row, it is news because of the leaks of accessories- today it is about the docks that are going to come along with it.

Dock to Come by this Fall

According to unconfirmed sources of news, the Surface Pro followers can expect laptop to tablet usage by this dock. Will this be better than the others already in the market? Another news source says that there are two arms that allow the device display to slide for tablet usage. The dock will have all the ports like mini display port, video port, one Gigabit port Ethernet, two USB and one port USB 3.0. As per the price, there are no leaks.

Surface RT/ Surface 2

The leaks pertaining to the Surface 2 and Surface RT are nothing very exciting. The users will not be at the freedom, to use the docks also that are coming in the fall. As for the next in line, Microsoft has not named any device as yet.

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