Monitoring the air we breathe with AirBase CanarIT


Sometimes, it may be best that we know about the air that we breathe in but usually, most air analysers can cost quite a fortune. However, the same cannot be said about CanarIT by AirBase. The company aims to make people aware about the air surrounding them and how it can affect their health. That is why they have developed CanarIT which is a sensor that can monitor the surrounding air.

CanarIT is available in two different versions which are the indoor and outdoor version. The indoor version is the smaller of the two although it is capable of measuring a few variables in the air such as VOC, NO2, O3, temperature as well as humidity in the air. In fact, the sensor software also has a rating to show whether the current value in the air is good or is exceeding the safe level.

The CanarIT Outdoor version on the other hand, has a few more sensors as compared with the Indoor version. In addition to the ones available in the Indoor version, the CanarIT Outdoor can also collect data of noise as well as the total suspended particles such as dust that are available in the air. Additional sensors are available upon request as well.

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