Motorola Keylink to Find your Lost Keys and Other Devices


Motorola KeylinkMotorola has come up with a series of surprises for gadgets world in recent times. Motorola Keylink is the latest to join the list of such surprises. This is a $25 device, which can reduce a lot of tensions that accompanies the loss of keys, smartphone, or similar devices.  Ironically, it is just a keychain.


So what does the gadget do? People need to download Motorola Connect, which is available on Google Play as well as iTunes. This application can locate handset or keys, whichever of the two is misplaced, provided one of them is available. The rarest situation is if both are lost; then God helps a person.

Essentials Specifications

The features of Motorola Keylink can only be useful for locating handsets starting from Moto X (second generation). In addition, such handsets should have Droid Turbo. The last essential specification for its usefulness is Android Lollipop.

It is festival season, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, all lined up. Christmas in particular sends people to shops for purchasing gifts. Moto X is one such gift that will have a decent market share this Christmas. Timing and pricing are both in its favor.

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