Motorola MotoNav TN765T Car GPS Navigation


Motorola MotoNav TN765T GPS

As a brand Motorola has never been known to be a major player in the GPS market. It is known for their mobile phones and not for their GPS devices. Which is why it has come as a surprise to find out that Motorola is venturing out into the GPS market; considering the fact that its predecessor, the Motorola MotoNav TN30, was deemed a failure. However, during the recent CES 2010, the MotoNav TN756t garnered rave reviews from popular tech websites such as CNET.

Aside from the standard features and functions often found in a typical personal navigation device, the MotoNav TN765 sports a 5.1 inch ultra-widescreen which provides ample screen space. At the same time as giving you ample real estate, the MotoNav TN756t reduces the amount of windshield covered as it has a lower vertical profile than its predecessor; making for a safer drive to your destination. Another interesting feature that cannot be found in all personal navigating devices is Bluetooth connectivity for hands free calling. This is interesting because it is implemented in an unusual, albeit creative way. Basically, once you pair your device to the MotoNav TN765t, the unit itself can make voice calls; and for compatible phones, it can even sync your contacts. If a phone supports Bluetooth messaging, then the TN765t will be capable of reading SMS messages aloud and will be able to provide you a series of standard responses that can help you respond to SMS messages easily.

This same Bluetooth feature allows data connectivity on the device through a service that Motorola provides called MotoExtras. Basically, what the service does is disregard the need of the phone to have a data connection by making a making a voice call to Motorola’s servers to access information often related to travel; like gas prices, weather, and flight status and other similar information. Another great feature of the MotoNav TN765t is google integration. This will be very useful if your destination is not pre-programmed in the point of interest database. Once you trigger the Google button, it will also trigger a voice call to fetch the search engines top 10 results.

The MotoNav TN765t is not just for your car; each set is shipped with a removable mount/cradle which you can use to hold it when driving your car. The kit also includes an FM-traffic data receiver.

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  1. Running Blog says:

    I like the look of the new Motorola, especially the extra wide screen display, but there are satnavs out there for the same price that give the user free life time traffic updates (garmin’s new line). I think this satnav will be useful for those who need the extra screen size but apart form that I cant see it taking the market by storm!

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  2. JustAnotherDude says:

    >> “but there are satnavs out there for the same price that give the user free life time traffic updates”

    The Motorola TN765t includes free lifetime traffic updates (at least as of November 2010, it does).

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