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Nintendo DSi XL BlackIf you love Nintendo DSi but feel that its screen might be very small for you then you are in luck. Nintendo has recently come out with their newest DSi product called the Nintendo DSi XL. In true Nintendo fashion the Nintendo DSi XL has emerged to be the best of the best in four generations of the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo DSi XL keep what works with the previous DS versions (DS, DS lite, DSi). The Nintendo DSi XL includes dual digital cameras, touch screen controls, Wi-Fi capability with built in web browser, SD card memory expansion slot and dowloadable DSi games (all of which are featured in the older DSi model). The biggest change with the Nintendo DSi XL is the screen size. It now has a whopping 4.2 – inch dual LCD screens; almost twice the size of the previous DS screen. Aside from the improvement of the screen size, the Nintendo DSi XL screens have also become brighter and it provides clearer and crisper displays and a better viewing angle.

Another noticeable improvement on the Nintendo DSi XL is the dual onboard digital cameras. With one camera pointing at you and the other pointing away from you, the Nintendo DSi XL’s cameras offer you a unique and interactive experience that cannot be matched by any other gaming console. The console also has 10 different interactive lenses that allow you to manipulate your photos any way you want and share them with your family and friends. The dual cameras are seen to be an innovative way in improving the way you play your games.

Another welcome change tot eh Nintendo DSi XL is its capability to play music files. Nowadays, you won’t need to carry around a separate mp3 player just so you can listen to your favorite tunes when you feel like it. The DSi XL allows you to listen to music and record audio as well. You can also ‘play’ with your recorded audio and favorite songs; it allows you to change the pitch, speed and even alter the recorded voice.

Of course, the Nintendo DSi XL is compatible with all previous DS games, which means you can still play your old DS game favorites. What’s great about the new Nintendo DSi XL is that it allows you to download you games to your SD card so that you won’t have to load up a game card every time you want to play.

Each Nintendo DSi XL model comes with three pre-loaded games.

Another fun feature of the DSi XL is its capability to draw and send messages to others. By using the built-in PictoChat applications, you can wirelessly chat with up to 16 people on the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

All in all, Nintendo took what you have always loved with the Nintendo DSi and improved it to make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. The Nintendo DSi XL is a great way to enjoy your games and have fun all day.

Nintendo DSi XL Release Date: Released on 5th March 2010 in Europe and on 28th March in North America.

Nintendo DSi XL Price: The cool Nintendo DSi XL is available for $189.99.

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