Nokia Lumia 820 Cases Get 3D Printing Kit


If you have a 3D printer, you can create your own case for Nokia Lumia 820. Now, the printing kit makes this possible. Wireless charging and switching colors are possible by taking off the covers of Lumia 820.

What is 3DK

3D kit or 3DK in short, says John Kneeland developer marketing manager of Nokia, will provide the users anything and everything related to 3D prints. 3D templates, case specs, best practices, methods recommended are few of the things the kit holds. Kneeland also articulates that Nokia is the first successful company to get into the 3D kit for printing.

Why 3DK

Kneeland said that with the use of 3D printing many customizable and modular gadgets possibilities could be open as per the needs and choices of the users.

3D pregnant community allows users to come up with the style and model of the phone he, or she wants. Additionally, the companies can sell templates apart from the superb model phones. There are still problems in the software sector, in the manufacture of 3D printers. However, the community is still in the beginning. MakerBot’s 3D printer is available at$2199. Cheaper versions are found but have their own shortcomings.

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