Now a Gold Suit to Change the Look of LG Smartwatch


LG Watch Urbane LuxeAre you the one who believe in wearing luxury watches? Then here is good news for you as the Korean company has planned to launch a super luxury watch for android watch lovers. Earlier LG has launched LG Watch Urbane and it was attached to the price tag of $300.

LG Watch Urbane Luxe –a Premium Version

After teaming up with Reeds, Jewelers LG has made the LG Watch Urbane Luxe as super shiny for the super wealthy class. Though the hardware inside is not changed, but there is a complete transformation for outside. The outer body has got the 23 Karat gold plating with the alligator gen-u-ine leather strap. Moreover, the case will be made up of piano-gloss lacquer. This has got an entirely glamorous look as compared to its earlier Luxe version.


Earlier the LG Watch Urbane could not gather too many customers so this upgradation was done to add up the fancy to it. When the look is entirely changed, then it is obvious the price will also be affected. The regular Urbane cost around $349 only but this fancy version will be coming with the price tag of $1200. However, it is still very much lower than the gold version of Apple which would be supposed to cost more than $10,000. So, grab this gadget if you want to wear fancy items that would still not burn your pocket!

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